AOTO highly emphasizes the innovation and R&D for customers'needs, offering competitive and cut-edge products as well as the industry solutions.

All-In-One LED Display

AOTO SID features with 6mm ultra-thin frame and 19.8mm cabinet thickness. The dovetail bracket fully meets aesthetic design value. The overall weight of SID is 40% lower than its peers. Efficiently integrated with the AI algorithm, the optimal viewing brightness can be precisely adjusted by mobile phone.

AOTO CV series is a new model that inherits the technical strengths of mini-led products and develops a better stability and visual performance. The slim yet tough structure makes it applicable to multiple scenarios. With seamless and wireless connection, the product can easily deliver an UHD giant display and visual feast, fully delivering the brand message.

AOTO intelligent ALL-IN-ONE solution guarantees stunning visual performance and stable operation with zero noise. Integrated with multiple interactive functions like touch-screen writing, electronic whiteboard, wireless projection, and remote conference, etc., it fully bridges the gap between multimedia demonstration and knowledge collaboration.

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