AOTO highly emphasizes the innovation and R&D for customers'needs, offering competitive and cut-edge products as well as the industry solutions.

Virtual Production/XR Studio

RM series, the star product, is specially designed for VP/XR market, it has 1/6 scan rate in premium offer, 7680Hz high refresh rate and 99.9% DCI-P3 color gamut, RM2.3 has successfully constructed several huge volumes. This product is well-known in this market.

AE series is specially designed for XR studio, it has 2,000kg/sqm of loaded capacity, full view angle to ensure the consistent display no matter in any camera position, and flexible structure allowing quick splicing with high precision.

MxH series is a professional ceiling product, through applying our advanced technology, it can provide the remarkable sky scene imitation and lighting effect with the CRI ratio up to 90%, the reflection above the object is real.

AOTO is very sophisticated in terms of virtual production and XR studio, we have already constructed more than 60 units of studios around the world, and have reached agreements with many world-renowned companies such as Tencent, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, and well-known Hollywood film teams.

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